The Nature of our Fire Tests

An Access Panel or Hatch is required to provide a fire separating function and our panels were tested using the principles of:

BS EN 1634-1 : 2014 ‘Fire Resistance tests for doors and shutter assemblies – Part 1 : Fire doors and shutters’. This test should be read in conjunction with that Standard and with BS EN 1363-1 : 2012 ‘Fire resistance tests – Part 1: General Requirements’ and BS EN 1363-2: 1999 ‘Fire resistance tests – Part 2: Alternative and additional procedures’.

The specimens were judged on their ability to comply with the performance criteria for integrity using the principles of BS EN 1634-1 : 2014.

The scope of the Standard covers doors, shutters and openable windows designed for installation within vertical separating elements, however it would seem reasonable to apply the same principles to horizontally installed specimens and therefore this test is reported as using the principals of BS EN 1634-1 : 2014.

Unexposed face of the assembly after a test duration of 120 minutes

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