In order to meet UK Fire Standards, the FlipFix range of access panels have been tested by Warrington Fire in order to achieve an up-to 2 hour integrity fire rating.

Test Details & Performance

Access panels or hatches are required to provide a fire separating function. The FlipFix range were tested using the principles of BS EN 1634-1 : 2014 (Fire Resistance Tests for Doors and Shutter Assemblies - Part 1: Fire Doors and Shutters)

This test should be read in conjunction with that Standard and with BS EN 1363-1 : 2012 (Fire Resistance Tests - Part 1: General Requirements), and BS EN 1363-2 : 1999 (Fire Resistance Tests - Part 2: Alternative and Additional Procedures)

The access panel specimens were judged on their ability to comply with the performance criteria for integrity and where appropriate insulation, using the principles of BS EN 1634-1 : 2014.
The scope of the Standard covers doors, shutters and openable windows designed for installation within vertical separating elements, however it would seem reasonable to apply the same principles to horizontally installed specimens too. Therefore this test is reported as using the principals of BS EN 1634-1 : 2014.

To view fire test certificates, please use this link and request a certificate using the form.

The unexposed face of a Metal Door Picture Frame access panel after a test duration of 120 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Integrity mean?
FlipFix Access Panels are fire rated for integrity only. Integrity refers to an access panel's ability to prevent or stop flames from passing through one side to the other. We do offer access panels that are tested for both integrity and insulation, but these are a bespoke product and won't have the FlipFix clamps. We would advise you to contact our sales team or use our panel builder tool.
What does Insulation mean?

Insulation refers to an element or system’s ability to limit the surface temperature rise on the non-fire side of the element to 140°C as an average, or 180°C as a hot-spot maximum, for the denoted duration during which the fire side is exposed to a fully developed fire.


Where can I view fire test certificates?
You can request a fire test certificate by following this link. Select a product on the form and provide your email address. We will then send the applicable certificate to your email to view.
Are the fire certificates valid in Europe after Brexit?


Our fire tests were tested under European law and as such, are still compliant to this law. We follow and abide all relevant European and British fire certification requirements.