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FlipFix Metal-Faced Access Panel – Picture Frame

Our most popular product – a standard metal access panel made from 0.9mm zintec steel with a 25mm picture frame.

FlipFix Plasterboard-Faced Access Panel – Beaded Frame

A more specialist product for those who want to conceal the entire door and frame of the panel.

FlipFix Metal-Faced Access Panel – Beaded Frame

A mid-way point for those who want to conceal the frame but keep the door visible.

FlipFix Tile Door – Beaded Frame

A bespoke product that allows you to place tiles on the panel face for a discrete finish.


FlipFix Metal-Faced Circular Access Panel – Picture Frame

A bespoke product recommended for experts due to difficulties when cutting the hole.



FlipFix 20/21 Product Brochure