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During a home renovation we realised that the whole process of fitting access panels was unnecessarily tedious and time consuming. FlipFix was born to simplify everything and to allow the ‘common person’ with no construction or DIY knowledge to fit a panel themselves.


We continually strive to improve the aesthetics and functionality of our access panels, and this was especially noticeable in 2020 when we launched our Mitreless Frame and Flush Lock enhancements.

Before, the frame was made from 4 separate pieces and then joined together at the corners – but now it’s built from one piece of metal. Not only does this improve the design of the panel, it also helps prevent the panel bending while in-transit.

Previous customer feedback suggested that the bung cover needed an adjustment, so we developed the Flush Lock which prevents the bung from being lost and leaving an unsightly hole on the panel face.

Now, the lock sits almost invisible on the panel face, improving the overall appearance and usability of the FlipFix range of access panels.



Up until 2021, we manufactured all of our panels from a single facility based in Nuneaton, UK.

In 2021, we opened a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Attleborough designed to continuously build our stock sizes as demand for FlipFix kept growing year on year.
Now, our Nuneaton facility focuses on producing bespoke panels